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About Uppity Disability Dot Net

About Uppity Disability Dot Net

Uppity Disability Dot Net strives to provide its audience with pertinent information about disabled people and their life. If you have any information about a website concerning disabled people and their life you can submit it here for free. If You are a disabled person, we would be really happy to know your life story.

You can submit your life story here.

All information well be verified by our staff before publication.


Featured Websites

Social Security Disability Secrets

Social Security Disability Secrets


Abilities Expo

People of all ages with all types of disabilities experience their possibilities at Abilities Expo.



Association on Higher Education and Disability


XL Parmacy

XL Parmacy


Recently Added Listings

Travel Oxygen

Travel Oxygen - Providing for the disabled traveler who requires oxygen and durable medical equipment arrangements fo..


The Journey of a Lifetime Trust

The Journey of a Lifetime Trust - A charitable and volunteer organization that take disabled and disadvantaged youngs..


The Garnet Access Project

The Garnet Access Project - Promotes access to the countryside for disabled people using quad bikes and amphibious si..


Society For Accessible Travel & Hospitality (SATH)

Society For Accessible Travel & Hospitality (SATH) - A non-profit agency offering assistance and information for ..


Rebecca's Travels

Rebecca's Travels - Articles about travel experiences for the mobility impaired. ..


Qchair's Traveler

Qchair's Traveler - Offers advice and destination details for mobility impaired people throughout the southeastern US..


MossRehab ResourceNet: Accessible Travel

MossRehab ResourceNet: Accessible Travel - Information and resources for the disabled traveler. ..


Gimp on the Go

Gimp on the Go - An on-line disabilities travel publication. ..


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